About Us

Flint’s Auctions Limited was established in 2017 by its directors Mathew Nunn, Keith Petts and Jonathan Brown. Our auction house team brings together experts with many years experience in our specialist fields and in-depth knowledge of best practice in the auction business.


Jonathan Brown

Jonathan has been in the photographic business since 2004, specializing in antique and collectible cameras for the majority of that. With a proven record of auction success, get in touch with him today to discuss your collection.






E-mail:    jonathan@flintsauctions.com
Tel:          +44 (0) 7387 198 886



Matt Nunn

Studied at university becoming an electrical engineer and working for, amongst others,  Harrods as a senior project engineer and pursued his professional qualifications to become chartered. However, all along his real passion was in the world of antiques and he became a full time antique dealer back in 2006 running Apsley Antiques Ltd. At this time he took over the ownership and running of the London Scientific and Medical Antique fair, from the then owner Stuart Talbot, which he ran for 6 years. He is also a founding director of www.fleaglass.com the world’s only dedicated market place for scientific antique dealers.  Back in 2013 Matt Nunn made it to the short list of young antique dealer of the year.

His areas of specialism are early optical instruments with a particular emphasis on the history of microscopy. Early technology from early electrical equipment to steam engines.


E-mail:    matt@flintsauctions.com
Tel:          +44 (0) 7429 788 720



Keith Petts

Keith Petts has been in the antiques business since 1992, specialising in scientific and medical instruments. His focus is on the 17th, 18th and early 19th centuries, especially sundials, drawing and calculating instruments from that period.




E-mail:   keith@flintsauctions.com
Tel:         +44 (0) 7821 667 663





Lisa Brown

Lisa keeps our day to day accounts, paperwork and aforementioned specialists in order.





E-mail:   admin@flintsauctions.com
Tel:         +44 (0) 20 3086 8550