Scientific & Medical Instrument sales at Flints Auction’s


Flint’s Antique Scientific & Medical Instrument department holds fine auction sales twice a year in London. We also sell property within our collector’s auction sales of which we hold three each year.

Our sales offer instruments and artefacts from the earliest periods to the mid 20th century. The sales contain a wide range of scientific instruments that include drawing instruments, globes, orreries and planetaria, microscopes, physics demonstration models, slide rules and early mechanical calculators, sundials, surveying and navigation equipment including sextants, octants, theodolites and compasses, telescopes and early astronomical instruments.

Flints auction sales also contain a wide range of medical instruments including surgical and dental instruments, spectacles, ear trumpets and other functional aids, diagnostic equipment, drug jars and other pharmacy antiques.

The specialist staff here at Flints have many years of experience behind them, a comprehensive knowledge in this field, an eye for detail and Flints has an enviable worldwide database of buyers and collectors. Flints will always try their best to achieve the best possible prices for your items.

If you are considering selling, our experts would be pleased to offer you a free consultation without obligation.


Matt Nunn

Specialist – Scientific Instruments
Tel +44 (0) 7429 788 720

Keith Petts

Specialist – Scientific & Medical Instruments
Tel +44 (0) 7821 667 663