Commission bidding form

In downloading and filling out the form below you agree to the following:

Flints Auctions Ltd are requested, without legal obligation of any kind, to bid on the following lots up to the figure stated. I agree with your usual conditions of sale and the conditions below.

I understand that in the case of a successful bid a premium of 20% plus VAT will be payable on the hammer price.

By submitting this form I agree to have read and understood the usual conditions of sale.

Conditions: Flints Auctions Ltd will endevour to purchase the lots for whihc they are asked to bid at the lowest possible price. If bids for the same item are received, bidding will start at the one bid increment above the underbidders maximum bid.

Flints Auctions Ltd are not responsible for wrong numbers added on this form. Successful bidders will be notified via email. Paymetn must be recieved befor any lot can be dispatched, for whihc there will be an appropriate charge.

Bids MUST be recieved by flints auctions Ltd by 9:00am GMT on the morning of the sale. You will be contacted to check the validity of the contents of the bidding form. If we cannot contact you your bid may not be placed.

Please download the form below by clicking on it










Then Print it out, fill it in,  scan and email back to us at

You will then receive an email from us to let you know that we have the form and have entered your bids onto our system.