How to Sell

From single items to complete collections, selling through Flints is one of the most efficient and effective ways to achieve the very best price for your items.


1. Valuation

Initially one of our experts will offer a complementary appraisal of your camera or instrument. This can be done via e-mail using our ‘contact us’ page, the form at the bottom of this page or visiting our offices in person.

2. Estimate

We will advise both a high and low estimate; for example ‘A Reid & Sigrist Reid III Rangefinder Camera, estimate £1000 – £1500’. This is the bracket within which we expect the final price to fall, although the high estimates are often exceeded. Estimates provided are based on our knowledge of the current market and condition of your items.

3. Reserve

The reserve price is the seller’s ‘safety net’ and is usually just below the low estimate. This sets the minimum figure below which any item will not be sold. We will communicate with you prior to sale to arrange these.

4. Consignment

Both parties sign a consignment form which clearly sets out the description of the items, the estimate, reserve and sale date. From the moment of signing the instrument is fully covered by Flint’s Auctions Ltd’s insurance (Virtu Fine Art).

5. Sale

After cataloguing and photography your item will be ready for inclusion in one of the UK’s finest sales.

6. Payment

After a successful sale, payment is made twenty-eight days after the auction date by wire transfer or by cheque depending on the seller’s requirements, less Flints fees and any repair work that may have been undertaken.


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