Optical Toys & Pre-Cinema


Flints Optical Toy department hold fine sales twice a year in London. We also sell property within our collector’s auction sales of which we hold 3 each year.

We offer toys and artefacts from the earliest periods to the late 20th century. Our sales contain a wide range of toys that include Magic Lanterns, Zoetropes, Praxinoscopes, Phenakistoscope, Mutoscopes, Kinoras and more.

Our sales also contain a wide range of Magic Lanterns including, Biunial Lanterns, Triunial Lanterns and slides.

With years of experience behind us, a comprehensive knowledge in this field, an eye for detail and a worldwide database of buyers and collection, we will achieve the best possible prices for your items.

If you are considering selling, our experts would be pleased to offer you a free consultation without obligation.


Matt Nunn

Specialist – Scientific Instruments
Tel +44 (0) 7429 788 720