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The Eric Evans Collection of Early Cameras

The community of camera collectors suffered a great loss with the passing of Eric Evans, who combined a love of wood and brass cameras with an academic rigour in researching early British makers.  Some years ago he set himself the task of collecting cameras from every maker listed in Channing & Dunn’s book British Camera Makers. In this endeavour he assembled a collection of fine examples from over 180 different British makers, including a good number not appearing in Channing and Dunn.

Stereo Victo Camera
Stereo Victo field camera

Eric generously shared the fruits of his research in published articles, in his contributions to the Internet Directory of Camera Collectors, and through his website woodandbrass.co.uk, where details regarding the maker are given with each camera.

Marion Camera
Marion quarter plate mahogany tailboard camera, with a unique James Cole’s patent flexible rising and falling front

Flints are proud to announce that that they have been given responsibility for selling the entire collection. The collection will be sold by auction in October 2017.  Collectors across the world will have the opportunity to own cameras from the Eric Evans Collection, which includes a significant number of possibly unique survivals.