Sending Your Items


 When dealing with specialist equipment, it is important to ensure it is packed safely for transportation. See our helpful guide below for some simple tips and advice.

For higher value shipments, Flints can arrange the collection of your pre-packed items with full insurance.


1 - Preparation

Wrap each item in at least three or four layers of bubble wrap and tape securely. Pay special attention to lenses and optics.


2 - Box

Select a strong cardboard box, preferably double-walled, and ensure a gap of at least two inches between the items and the sidewall.


3 - Filling

Void Fill, also known as packing peanuts, is an ideal material to fill the gaps in between items. If unavailable, however, bubble wrap or screwed up newspaper would be suitable.


4 - Checking for Movement

Ensure the contents are tightly packed and when the box is sealed there is no movement when shaken.


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