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Flints Medical Instruments Department holds Fine Auctions twice a year. These sales are very well publicised, with advertisements in relevant publications, social media and at antique fairs. The catalogues produced for our fine sales are in full colour and are fully illustrated. They are sent to collectors, institutes and museums across the world.

Keith Petts heads the Medical Instrument department and has a long history of being involved within this field. Keith maintains Flints high standards of presentation in his cataloguing, along with well-researched descriptions. The catalogues produced by Flints are valuable reference works used and trusted by leading collectors and institutes.

Our Fine Medical Antique auctions offer instruments and artefacts from the earliest periods to the mid 20th century and contain a wide range of subjects. We welcome enquiries from both sellers and buyers on individual items or collections in the following areas:

  • Surgical instruments, including amputation sets
  • Obstetric & gynaecological instruments
  • Dental instruments & other dentistry antiques
  • Spectacles, ear trumpets & other therapeutic/functional aids
  • Drug jars, medicine chests & other pharmaceutical, chemist & apothecary antiques
  • Diagnostic equipment


  Keith Petts

Specialist - Scientific & Medical Instruments and Photography

Keith Petts has been in the antiques trade since 1992 when he founded Ganymede Antiques. His experience includes developing the Fleaglass antique scientific instrument website which he co-owned for 10 years. His specialist interests include early scientific instruments, especially sundials, drawing and calculating instruments, antique medical instruments, and photography from its birth to the present day.


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