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Flints Scientific Instrument department holds Fine Auctions twice per year. These sales are very well publicised, with advertisements in all the main trade publications, social media and trade fairs. The catalogues produced for our fine sales are in full colour and are fully illustrated. They are sent to collectors, institutes and museums across the world.

Matt Nunn and Keith Petts head up the scientific instrument department and have a long history of being involved within this field. Their exceptionally high standards are particularly evident in their cataloguing, along with well-researched descriptions. The catalogues produced by Flints are valuable reference works used and trusted by leading collectors and institutes.

Our Fine Scientific auctions offer instruments and artefacts from the earliest periods to the mid 20th century and contain a wide range of scientific instruments. We welcome enquiries from both sellers and buyers on individual items or collections in the following areas:

  • Drawing instruments
  • Globes, orreries and planetaria
  • Microscopes, slides and accessories
  • Physics demonstration models
  • Slide rules and early mechanical calculators
  • Sundials
  • Surveying and navigation equipment including sextants, octants, theodolites and compasses
  • Telescopes and early astronomical instruments

Upcoming Auction

Cameras, Scientific & Collectables

Cameras, Scientific & Collectables

Wed, 6th Oct 2021 - Thu, 7th Oct 2021


  Matt Nunn

Specialist - Scientific Instruments

Matt started as an electrical engineer and worked for Harrods, amongst others, as a senior project engineer and pursued his professional qualifications to become chartered. However, all along his real passion was in the world of antiques, and he became a full-time antique dealer back in 2006 running Apsley Antiques Ltd. At this time he took over the ownership and running of the London Scientific and Medical Antique fair which he ran for six years. Back in 2013, Matt Nunn made it to the shortlist of young antique dealer of the year.

His areas of specialism are early optical instruments with a particular emphasis on the history of microscopy, and early technology from early electrical equipment to steam engines.


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