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We believe it is impossible to become the leader in any field of business without offering exceptional service. Below are some of the services we provide as standard that make us stand out from the rest.



We pride ourselves on the exceptionally high standard of our catalogues. These are sent to major collectors, dealers, museums and private institutions around the world. Perfect bound, full colour and with a luxurious finish, with almost every lot displayed in its glory. They are appreciated by all for the accurate descriptions and used by many as reference books.




Every item passes through our studio to produce the highest quality images. Depending upon value, we take at least two photographs of each item, and up to 30 for high value lots or items like photograph albums.



Cosmetic Cleaning

At no extra cost, higher valuecameras, scientific instruments, or items like jewellery are cosmetically cleaned before photography and sale. This involves the removal of dust, marks etc. and careful light cleaning of any optics. This attention to detail shows your item at its best and raises the saleability.



Workshop Repair Service

Many instruments and cameras that come to Flints have not been used for years and are often in need of minor attention, an optical clean, woodwork restoration etc. We have several repairers who specialise in different areas, dependent upon what needs attention. Any costs relating to minor restorations are discussed with the owner beforehand and usually deducted from the sale proceeds.



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