"Hello, I have just received my lots via DPD.

As someone who reserves the right to complain about poor service - I firmly believe I have a duty to compliment good service.

My lots have arrived very well packed and at a surprisingly low postage cost, more importantly was the short time lapse between the sale and their delivery to me.

I appreciate it's not easy in these difficult times but - Well done to all.

I have not purchased from you before but have now signed up to your catalogues on line.

I personally have stopped using auction houses who offer no in-house packing and delivery unless they're local, in the hard won experience of knowing what independent packers charge, amounts which sometimes double the auction costs. I am of the opinion that in the jobs market there must be people prepared to earn a few bob packing lots. One of my local auctions is now saying that anything over 2kg will not be posted but stored free of charge until lockdown is over - No collections permitted."

  –  K. Bailey – Norwich



“I have just received the lot I won at your Photography auction on

May 21 and I must say I am impressed by how efficient and fast everything was.

I have been bidding on other things all over the country and I am still waiting for lots

I won over a month ago, sometimes more. I know things are difficult right now but you seem

to have overcome all difficulties and I cannot but praise your efficiency and professionalism.

So thank you again. It has been a pleasure dealing with you.”

  –  D. Pellerin – London



“What a wonderful surprise! Can I take this opportunity to

thank you for your knowledge, efficiency and excellent service.

– H. McLeod – Scotland



“Sincere thanks for your help with what proved to be a most satisfying outcome

on Friday afternoon. Your estimates from the very outset were spot-on,

with the final total falling almost midway between the low and high figures.”

– T. Bowman – England


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