Why Should You Sell At Auction?

Why Should You Sell At Auction?

The advantages of selling through Flints

If you’re wondering what to do with valuable items, including antiques & collectables, there are a number of advantages to selling at auction – some of which you may not previously have been aware of


What are the benefits of selling at auction?

If you’re wondering what to do with valuable items, including antiques and collectables, there are a number of advantages to selling at auction – some of which you may not previously have been aware of. Here are a few of them:

  • Expert valuation advice

Sell at auction and you’ll be able to benefit from valuers’ specialist knowledge and expertise. An auction house also appreciates how to market goods effectively. Staff know about and love what they’re selling, understand how to get the best price, and see valuables like yours every day. Our experts specialise in particular areas, such as works of art, sculpture, or ceramics. They fully understand how much your valuables mean to you.

Lot 47 - An 18ct Gold Emerald & Diamond Ring18ct Gold Emerald & Diamond Ring - sold at auction for £769


  • Wider reach for your items

At auction, you get numerous bidders keen to buy items just like yours, either for themselves or to sell on. What’s more, of course, online auctions mean access to a potentially virtually unlimited global audience. As auctioneers encourage phone, commission and online bids, you maximise exposure for what you’re selling and the prospect of an excellent price. All it takes is a few bids for the hammer price to accelerate rapidly.

The other thing to bear in mind is that buyers come to an auction prepared to buy and spend money. Flints have a reputation for detailed and accurate descriptions and high-quality images that give buyers confidence

Lot 72 - EDWARD S CURTIS (1868-1952) The Oath, Apsaroke, 1908Orotone photograph - sold at auction for £8,060


  • The valuation process is easier than you think

Getting your goods valued via an auction house is a swift, no-nonsense business. What’s more, it’s especially helpful if you don’t know how much an item is worth. The auction house has the knowledge and expertise to give an estimate that will achieve the best final price. In most cases we can give accurate online valuations with some basic information and images emailed to us.

Lot 65 - An Orrery by W & S Jones

An Orrery by W&S Jones - Sold at auction for £8,060

  • No negotiations

There’s nothing in the way of haggling; selling via auction is efficient and quick. Once someone bids on something, they’re committed to purchasing the item at that price, and there’s no further discussion or debate.

Lot 54 - A Leitz Noctilux f/1.2 50mm Lens

A Leitz Noctilux f/w.2 50mm Lens - Sold at auction for £38,440

  • A brisk turnaround

An auction is immediate, taking place at a set time, during which it is completed. It’s a highly efficient process. We pay our promptly four weeks after the sale, directly into your bank account.

Lot 11 - THOMAS ANNAN, Main Street, Gorbals, Looking South

19th Century Thomas Annan print - sold at auction for £496

  • Comprehensive marketing of your valuables

Flints Auctions reach a worldwide market. All our auctions operate on at least three internet platforms encouraging bidding from across the globe. We have comprehensive mailing lists of all our customers. Before every sale we send out emails with sale highlights and links to the full online catalogue. Our printed catalogues, set a standard for the industry and instantly become collectors items in their own right. Flints also promote their sales with popular social media posts, and printed and online advertisements.

Finally, don’t forget the thrilling atmosphere! Apart from anything else, an auction is a lively, entertaining occasion with a great sense of excitement. This is why often record prices are for antiques and collectables sold at auction.

How we at Flints can help

Only launched in 2016, and based in Thatcham, Berkshire, Flints Auctions has quickly become the UK’s leading auction house specialising in the sale of scientific instruments and fine cameras. The business has grown rapidly and we now employ experienced specialists in a number of fields. We combine detailed expertise and knowledge with an in-depth understanding of auction industry best practice.

Sell your valuables through us and enjoy all the benefits listed above, and more. Equally, look forward to a high level of professionalism and a friendly service. Get in touch to learn more, and come to a valuation day, either at our offices or one of the other locations across the country where we regularly hold these events.